A conversation broke between two fine young men sitting by the riverside on a bright summer day afternoon about a young woman! 

They tell me she is as beautiful as Houri from heaven !

Yet I say, that the juice of the wine is better,

Prefer the present to these fine promises,

Even a drum sounds melodious from afar,

The other one looks down , remains silent for some time, his gaze on the flow of the calm waters, and a smile glows across his face and he replies in trembling voice.


She is always beautiful my friend

Connected to the world,

Yet lost,

Happy she is,

Yet, Distraught,

She is yes !

Kind to every one,

But to the one kind to her!

World cheers her,

But despises,

They tell her stories,

And she smiles,

I love that smile,

My friend!

But its hollow.

I want to give her peace,

That Houri from Heaven!


Thanks to Vivek for writing half of this.


  1. Akash · May 3, 2017

    Great work Gurpreet!!
    Especially that last line…. It is mind blowing!!

  2. Sumit kumar · May 4, 2017

    Amazing Gurpreet. So proud to have friend like you. Keep shining love.

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