What went wrong with the broom?


Punjabis are hard nuts to crack isn’t it . Amidst the stereotypes of butter chicken  and Hadipa, A game of throne was being fought across the piers of the state with a burnt heart and then the commons spoke. They gave the verdict. The verdict that blew away the dense clouds like a dirt on the rack , the winning streak of the Badals ended .Alas, yet again the bipolar nature of Punjab politics could not be jinxed.

Aam Admi Party was the chosen one my dear, the Dark knight , the Assassin creed to the Templar. I could hear the thunderous  uproar of Aapians, The new gladiators of politics , the David to the Goliath ,  but on 11th all I heard  was a fizz,  a cheap wet cracker .Nri’s  are here , may be the Indian summers hit them too early this season , they might be going back to their bread and butter and hams and beefs soon , India is still dirty to live in.

Drug free Punjab ?

What were you thinking AAP, who wants to get rid of drugs?

Corruption free Punjab ?

Corruption has always been for benefit of people mate, easier ways of getting things done isn’t it, and the habits do not die soon my dear friend.

Anyway , I am not a follower of any party, I think  the candidate of my constituency deserved my vote, ahem ahem .

Anger against Akalis doesn’t mean love for Aap my dear friend.

Every one that is not an Akali is a Congrassia here my dear friend – what were you high on thinking that you will stop the motion of earth ,Aapians were surrounded by them the jugglers of Punjab politics.

The badals if not the king must then be.

AAP needed another Badal or another King to uproot this tree , but AAP did not have one , AAP could not project  the strength in it’s chief ministerial candidate. Correct me if there was any – Bhai,koi nahi tha takkar mein,we talking about captain, the name comes subconsciously to the mind yar. He has a history mate.

Sacking of Chotepur.

And we cant stop talking about chotepur’s  sacking – the sting operation – north remembers my friend, that guy was worth on field.

Allegation of some other order.

And what is with this favoring the outsiders thing, allegations poured in that outsiders were being favored over local volunteers , Aap deemed itself to be an outsider, now an outsider is better than another outsider but congress has been an insider for ages .


Now I am not portraying Sikhs as communal , and I am just saying , this doesn’t have to be true all the way around but Amrinder singh is a sikh , I am just saying….. Patiala shahi yaa…you know, ahem ahem … better than the an outsider with a  broom , Punjab being a sikh state, where to put the trust? .. never mind now.

Panthic votes.


What  is this broom doing in this picture, This broom caused uproars, now one can contest till death  if its right or wrong but ,you can not mess with the lion in its own den  yaa!!!and then image of an outsider multiplies with the fact that there was no credible SINGH SAHAB associated with this party , phantics were looking closely , weren’t they . You have to play by the rules man .

And look at this moron Ashish Khetan — holding a copy of the manifesto — saying, “Our manifesto is an agreement with the people. This is our Bible, this is our Gita, and this our Guru Granth Sahib.”

Excuse me – but that is what is wrong with people, they speak too much, keep your mouth shut if you are an idiot, don’t make it obvious bro.


23424Punjab means land of 5 rivers.(tell me something new) and AAP sort of missed a staunch on issue of waters, nothing is more dear to Punjabis than their waters, Punjabis love their waters mate.

All that blood shed and what for ,  Amrinder banked upon this issue and  looked confident and bold. People put their trust in him.

Lets not forget the clouds now , Aap could not penetrate many of akali strongholds which it hoped to do and Aap’s main focus has been on youth, revolution and this and that , and tha tha tha and what not, but demographics are something which needed to be used correctly , congress was not behind in roping in the youth , with coffee with captain campaign.

Congress has long lasting loyalties as well my dear friend, 31 seats from malwa in 2012 , this is a figure to reckon with my friend, not a joke.


_99fe18b4-de06-11e6-a538-54bd197a5a1bPeople particularly did not like the intervention of Pardesis in their des , why would they trust a party who is backed by people who left their country, and the money —-urban hindus could think, cant they? , they could relate this money to khalistanis, why trust such party? Not that I am against this sentiment but still the perspective of the masses.

And the laughing sardar – Navjot singh sidhu. 

Nothing to be said here.

AAP just managed to scratch the surface with 20 seats but roots run deep my friend , AAP is an infant , while Congress and SAD are baba bohd of politics.

The Kejri effect had no luster in Punjab , Anna Hazare movement did move hearts in DILI but Kejriwal’s dream to challenge modi on a national front is a song of myth for most.

See Goa results and laugh.




  1. Newish · March 13, 2017

    All d things are write and commendable job you have done. But je captian hi jituna si badal kehra mada si..

    • Gurpreet · March 13, 2017

      This is what is bipolar nature bro…..aap could not penetrate through people’s subconcious affinity to go back to one of these two parties…. aap is young and too much to learn here

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