चरखा चोर मोदी ?

We admire our PM don’t we ?

What’s wrong if every now and then the Maestro surprises us with his new antiques.
Gandhi ji is and will remain the father of our nation , Fathers cant be changed now?

Or can they be ? Well only if it’s The Father of everything.

Some uncle comes and tells you that he is your father , you certainly are not considering to believe him.  NO?


The calendar

So the great liberator the messiah of Modern India who came to save us by the will of many and many Indians chooses to be on the calendar of Khadi Udyog , what is wrong with it , Its not that It will not match the color of my wall, emm,  May be. But I did have one with a face of Mr Badal, The Senior some 10 years ago and he has never been out of power after that. This calendar thing has some jinx. Whoaa.

Its a beautiful design.

Yes you  have a Charkha in it. Its like a national thing, like some one said cow is our national animal.

Wait, Never mind.

It has the Sensational, the Incredible and only newly formed great weaver himself and one or two uninterested looking but ,hey, women never the less , and lots of blue.

Its just beautiful, sob sob . (Teary eyes). Only best after kingfisher calendar.

I believe Sir Modi might have recently received a diploma (original) in a fast track course in spinning thread from one of his new skill development institutions(there has to be one) that develops new talent in traditional crafts thingy, one reason why he can be the icon on the cover of the calendar.

And no , This has nothing to do with erasing or replacing everything that is Gandhi.

His, is a face that sells, Bhakts will buy crap if it has stamp of the chosen one himself. No I am not talking about Anakin Skywalker here. Thought there is some thing common in them , both came to save us and both ended up as Darth Vader.

Omg , what did i just write.

And people have gone crazy , Twitteratis and Memeatis or what ever they are called, every where are trying to make the best of this.

Like this one. HUH


I really do not own this, Google has it.

And this.


Look at them Non Bhakts liking and Re-tweeting.

And this too.


People think they are cool.

I  am unable to understand what is wrong with the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) employees, they are sad about it and are planning  to stagea silent, soul-cleansing, protest wearing black bands on their mouths, during lunch hour on Thursday reported a newspaper. Fire them already someone , they are not Bhakts.

This is a systematic easing out of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, philosophy and ideals by the government., one of them(non bhakt/zombie – still human) was heard saying.

Now, Gandhi ji can be important but Modi ji is Importanter.

And Gandhi ji himself mentioned once “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Well its all about modifying India, isn’t it.

Yes, modifying and this certainly is one step closer towards The MODI-fication.

P.s This is just inappropriate.



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