Perks of being Unemployed

Are there anyway ?

So, This other day I was trying to explain my  2 year old niece Tindoo that being unemployed is not so bad after all. Well, I doubt she understands. Huh.


No one hires you because you are unemployed.

Because they believe that because no one has hired you,they should not hire you.

Wait, what?

Well, because you are not good enough.

What, come again?

(Coughing loudly)


You get a lot of time for yourself and then you can become a BLOGGER.


(Shows Middle Finger)


No one tells you to marry.

Well it’s not that no one wants to give their girl to an unemployed bloke.

Hmmmmm, maybe that’s the only reason, Duhhh NEVER MIND.

(Giving dumb look)

Areyy, because you will not like the fact that your women feeds you, yes you bloody misogynist.

Ok , I am not judging you.


You get to fool around you fool, you are unmarried, enjoy sucker.


You can drink and pass out.

And your friends (ALREADY EMPLOYED) pay for your booze, Because….

“Sala Beruzgaar e.”


You can use your money to bring more booze. Oh Yeah!


Your friends invite you for dinner.

Your friends are earning M*****F***ing amounts and you hangout till late with them and yes, you do not have money to contribute.

No worries mate;

Your friends don’t expect you to pay.

Ok, lets put it this way.

Because, “eh saale kanjar ne vaise kehda dene c”

They know , even if you were employed, you still wouldn’t have contributed.


No girl wants to hang out with you,

Sounds familiar !!

Oughoo oughoo , Excusme .  (Coughing, Drinks water).


You can be a poet, write songs and even learn guitar.

Oughoo Oughoo, Excuseme .  (Coughing unstoppable)


You get plenty of time to be a scholar- an institution in yourself .

Yes , you can –  don’t shake your head already.

You can read books, newspapers and articles online written by millions and billions and trillions of unemployed youth of India. Ok, Numbers may be exaggerated  but.

(Smirking in sarcasm)

And then you can criticize Government and its policies – Demonetization.

(Already laughing)

Yes – in front of the bloodsuckers, I mean neighbors and relatives.

Oh, don’t you just hate them???


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