Ink .


My words are my lambs
and confined in a fold
unfurl them and you shall see
tears of pure gold

I wept across a riverside
where the current veers
that’s where the ink dried

and I filled my pen with tears




  1. sudheera · October 16, 2010

    hey aft long time u wrote a poem poet .. bt wondering y is ur ink wit tears??

    nice poem, small bt wit big logic…

  2. Gurpreet · October 16, 2010

    ya wrote after a long time , though its just a part of a lengthy poem has various angles to it ..
    thanks a lot for reading

  3. Anuradha · October 23, 2010

    hi gurpreet..this is awesome…i am a huge fan of yours..keep writing. Padh ke achcha lagta hai…get to know more things…

    • Gurpreet · October 24, 2010

      hey thanks anu !! very much appreciate that !!! thanks for reading it 🙂

  4. ambivalence · February 5, 2011

    Very poignant. Well done.

    • Gurpreet · February 6, 2011

      thanks again …i appreciate

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