Kaisi yeh raat andheri

Aur kaisa savera

Kaisa yeh raasta hai

Kaisa yeh shehar tera

Khawahishein  padin bihkri

Aur ghut raha hai dam mera

Na jaane kaun khuda hai

Na jaane kaun lutera

Na jaane kis ki khalish hai

Dil mein kis kis kaa basera

Na jaane kaunsi khushi teri

Kaun sa hai gam mera

Charon taraf chaa raha hai

Khalish ka andhera

Aaj fir baras raha hai

Mera yeh gam ghanera

Gunaah tera ajab hai to

Kaunsa hai kam mera




  1. ravali · August 3, 2010

    as i expected u r a poet,don’t be sad gurpreet!!

    • Gurpreet · August 3, 2010


  2. saliha · August 4, 2010

    wow,amazing poems,ty tusi shaer o hmmm:)

    • Gurpreet · August 4, 2010

      ha haa ..shair ,,sounds good !!! thanks for appreciating saliha !!

  3. sudheera · August 6, 2010

    arey gurpreet dont be sad every thing wil b fine..

    ache logon ke saath acha he hotha hai!!! just time z gng bad bt even darkness comes to end by sunshine so wait patiently for the sun to raise!!!

    btw poem z vry nice!!! really excellent… ur Hindi poem z nice….keep posting (with all best wishes)..

    • Gurpreet · August 8, 2010

      hmmm . ya right sudhi ! sun is cool ,lol ,thanks for such a sweet comment !!

  4. kudrat jyoti · August 8, 2010

    wah wah!!!!!!!!!!aapka tou jwaab nahi!!!

    • Gurpreet · August 8, 2010

      hey jyoti .. so u off to new place haa?? thanks for comment !!!

  5. crayoniclife · September 2, 2010

    beautiful thoughts…awesome as ever.
    This is anuradha by the way. Hope u remember.

    • Gurpreet · September 2, 2010

      hey thanks anu !ya ofcorse i remember u !! 🙂

  6. jaspreet singh jassi · September 21, 2011

    hey,,, enaa dard,,, kiss pichee baii,.,.,

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