Broken heart never lies

Don’t you see , it will never be fine
my broken heart , it will never be mine
they say , it can never be so bad
they say , you don’t have to be sad
but it hurts , even if i think
that my life is , at its last brink
I know its not easy , to read it from the eyes
but if you may ask , a broken heart never lies

You may seem happy , may be you don’t even care
but i know how it feels , i was always standing here
even if there was, any other way
it was out of question , i could never walk away
you know you were kind of , little unkind
but believe me if you may , never did i mind
I know its not easy , to read it from the eyes
but if you may ask, a broken heart never lies

They aint going red , for no reason at all
i keep my eyes whole day , at your picture on my wall
you are beautiful , and it is really kind of true
what else one would do , there is nothing like it new
you can always make it back , it will never be too late
forever is too short , you can find me as i wait
I know its not easy , to read it from the eyes
but if you may ask ,a broken heart never lies

You were very famous , it was not a big town
it took you just a smile , to simply bring me down
and you were every where , a shimmering fitful light
in the morning sun , in the summer moon lit night
its not easy to be me ,and thank you for all of this
and i will not forget , there’s so much to miss
I know its not easy , to read it from the eyes
but if you may ask , a broken heart never lies



  1. bianca-a-torres · April 20, 2010

    nice poetry..

  2. Pallavi · April 20, 2010

    awesome work
    Long live the poet 🙂

    • Gurpreet · April 20, 2010

      thanks pallz,, long live the appreciator

  3. Ronn · April 21, 2010

    Wah Wah veere…………truly a broken heart never lies!!!!

  4. sudheera · April 24, 2010

    very heart touching indeed …… A beautiful words from a marvelous writer…….

    hmmm……hope punjabhi sher is always wit his big smile… keep posting…

    • Gurpreet · April 24, 2010

      waaw . thanks indian tigress . i did smiled reading this comment !!!

  5. sandyboone51 · April 28, 2010

    beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing

    • Gurpreet · April 29, 2010

      hey ..thanks for liking !!!

  6. kudrat jyoti · May 16, 2010

    umm…. i just wanted to know dat who has broken ur heart?????
    well this one was nice!!!!

    • Gurpreet · May 17, 2010

      oye , its just a poem . !!!!!! :)but thanks

  7. DateNeusDyday · May 16, 2010

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


    • Gurpreet · May 17, 2010

      hey there …thanks a lot !!!! means a lot to me !!!

  8. prateeksikka · May 19, 2010

    Ladi.. you just keep getting better! you know your talent too. its just me who is left now! 😦
    Great work. See even the goraas are beginning to appreciate it now!

    • Gurpreet · May 19, 2010

      worthless talent and no talent is same i guess , and in my case ,i dont even have a proper talent ,just something to divert mind . u knw naa… siksss u r far more happy than i ever could be , but yaa goraas like my poem a lot , cheers

  9. chitranshi · November 14, 2010

    truly awesome.
    loved it 🙂

    • Gurpreet · November 18, 2010

      hey thanks a lot ….. 🙂

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