People were talking and i
unheard them and passed by
there was confusion and gloom in air
the beggars and the millionaire
speaking in one just tone
“so young and well known”
under those street lights
what ever that unites
i cared not and looked upon
silently i moved on

and it  never looked so good
a carnival in the neighbour hood
women tried to find a view
young , old and wise men too
others were making haste
“hurry up no time to waste”
nearby some cats were crying
winds were blowing as if sighing
i cared not and looked upon
silently i moved on

“life is anything but joke”
another one among them spoke
“no one deserves such a fate,
lets go its getting late”
i told them i will not look back
once i took upon that track
i thought i heard someone say
i shook my head and swung away
“there is a body on the streets”
while the carnival retreats

who ever he was i do not care
to some life might not be fair
its not easy to be sad
i lived what life i had
its o.k always to cry awhile
but what’s life without a smile
and they’ll forget whose lying there
i know he made his dying prayer
i cared not and looked upon
silently i moved on ..



  1. Anirudh Bishnoi · April 9, 2010


    • Gurpreet · April 9, 2010

      thanks bishi bhai !!

  2. Satinder Rana · April 9, 2010

    Commendable job

    • Gurpreet · April 9, 2010

      thanks satinder ,means a lot

  3. blanca-a-torres · April 10, 2010


    • Gurpreet · April 10, 2010

      thanks a lot blanca

  4. sudheera · April 10, 2010

    nice writing!!!!!!…… bt y didn’t u tht person whoz fighting with death??????

    • Gurpreet · April 10, 2010

      what was that??

      actually the person who died is itself narrating the poem !!!

      • sudheera · April 10, 2010

        oops i mean y didn’t u console tht person…..

        Anyways i understood it wrongly bt i liked it in the way i understood it……
        nice poem…..

  5. Prateek Sikka · April 10, 2010

    Ladi! This is amazing veere! Very very well done.
    Just one correction though! it should be “I did not care and look upon”
    Besides that.. PERFECT!!!!!

    • Gurpreet · April 10, 2010

      thanks sikkzz …yaar sai sai dass confirm kar ke . but khair lokaa nu ta pata v ni laggea , i am happy you pointed it out .thanks again,, tere veer ne gaah paa dena tu dekhi

  6. paramvir Singh · November 8, 2010

    great work laddi

    • Gurpreet · November 8, 2010

      thankss pamma 22 ,,,, means a lot to me

  7. Piyush · November 30, 2010

    Kaint a guriii 22

    • Gurpreet · November 30, 2010

      thanks piyush veere !!! thanks for reading and appreciating 🙂

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