For the rains outside
for the storms with in
for nights by the fire
smoke that forms with in
the malady i am carrying
and the world bizarre
i can not rove that long
i can not walk that far

For the smiles outside
for the pain within
for the days of sorrow
blood stains with in
memories of long years
and battles i fought
i have all my tears
what have you ,,,got?

For the verities outside
for the lies with in
for the shriveling boundaries
and skies with in
i awaited the impossible
it came and past
i tried to touch
but i failed atlast

For the day outside
and the night within
for the hidden desires
that ignite within
engrossed in myself
and i forgot
where i was heading to
before i LOST



  1. simran · March 20, 2010


  2. sudheera · April 5, 2010

    nice writing!!!!!

  3. saliha · August 4, 2010

    amazing gurpreet

    • Gurpreet · August 5, 2010

      ayee thanks .. i like when some one comments on my blog !!

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