Last time when i saw you!

Last time when i saw you
Few years ago
I knew it was the time
You were ready to go

The way you looked at me
You looked me in the eye
When i saw you that day
It made me want to die

You were running out of time
I was standing just right there
Love was all i had
Nothing else to share

We never had the moment
Not even a good bye
Neither you tried to talk
Neither did i

You refused to talk ginger
You refused to see
I was not that person
That i uesd to be

I was not that numb
I always felt the pain
I cried on that day
Then never did it again

But when ever i sit
Down my memory lane
I feel it inside me
Once over again

I fell in love with you
And it keeps getting more
This is what i do
What else i am here for?

I try not do this
But i fail every time
I might be the culprit
But this is not my crime

Even if its painful
Its so hard to hide
This is just not me
You have killed me from INSIDE.


  1. beanizer_05 · January 28, 2010

    oh..i love your are a true lover..your words struck me inside..i felt the same way with someone 😦

    “Even if its painful
    Its so hard to hide
    This is just not me
    You have killed me from INSIDE”

  2. simran · March 20, 2010

    Hi Gurpreet..

    This is just so great,loved every word of it !!!! 🙂

  3. sudheera · April 5, 2010

    your writing reminded me old love stories….its a old and new generation mix…

    But its true what ever the era is love and its pain are always the same….keep posting such posts…

    • Gurpreet · April 5, 2010

      if my poem reminded you of something , i consider my writing successful … thanks a lot for the comment

      • sudheera · April 5, 2010

        your welcome…..i like such writings..

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