Last time when i saw you!

by Gurpreet

Last time when i saw you
Few years ago
I knew it was the time
You were ready to go

The way you looked at me
You looked me in the eye
When i saw you that day
It made me want to die

You were running out of time
I was standing just right there
Love was all i had
Nothing else to share

We never had the moment
Not even a good bye
Neither you tried to talk
Neither did i

You refused to talk ginger
You refused to see
I was not that person
That i uesd to be

I was not that numb
I always felt the pain
I cried on that day
Then never did it again

But when ever i sit
Down my memory lane
I feel it inside me
Once over again

I fell in love with you
And it keeps getting more
This is what i do
What else i am here for?

I try not do this
But i fail every time
I might be the culprit
But this is not my crime

Even if its painful
Its so hard to hide
This is just not me
You have killed me from INSIDE.