towards serenity


Golden light was shining on me as i looked up in the sky ,at the NISHAN SAHIB,as if it was smiling at me billowing gloriously.I felt an ardor in myself erupting like flames from the mouth of a dragon,and my eyes illuminated with light reflecting from the blades of the dagger , the soul of khalsa “KHANDA”.

It was not me or probably some one else in me or an unknown me trying to come out of palls of dismay,as my speed towards my destination kept on increasing like my desire to reach there .

Mornings are always benign,so was it that day,as i witnessed the crusade of the rays of sun to emerge from the comatose of night,like the benediction of god.In the silent dark street i was alone walking towards the serenity when i felt the aurora kissing my face along with the fresh breeze doused in dew and the day was accoutring itself to domineer the kingdom of night yet again.

My steps becoming larger every time,and then i heard the mellifluent voice ,praising the supernatural,the nonpareil,the one ,with every single word that was difficult to decipher,as it was in the oldest versions of punjabi”Gurmukhi”.I felt myself being absorbed in to ataraxis,and i can not write any further without mentioning that i am still unable to justify my feelings with my words.

This was the moment,i reached the destination after walking long distance,i was standing in front of the entrance of a gurudwara and i entered.The first sight was of a colossus building in front of me,with huge pillars standing ever firmly as the principles of sikhism itself and second sight of the ardent devotees cleaning the floor.I removed my shoes at the joda ghar (place where shoes are kept), as its the keep clean zone,and yet again i can not write any further  without mentioning that nothing in this world can be as clean as the floor of a gurudwra. I walked on the path way that lead to the main building of gurudwara,and cherished the colorful bed of flowers as every flower cherished each and every devout that walked that pathway.

No one can and no one should enter a gurudwara with uncovered head,and without washing hands and feet .I walked in the main building not forgetting to do so.

The whole floor was covered with white sheets of cloth ,it was an another world in an another world,peaceful,a sense of felicity prevailed,devotees sat on two sides listening to the gurbani ,the teachings of the greatest ocean of knowledge ,the book of world, “SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB” ,the last and forever guru of sikhs and nectar and ambrosia for all .

I think about this maneuver of the 10th MASTER to keep sikhism pure and free of ever corrupting and demeaning human mind,and feel that only the 10th MASTER could have thought of something like this,he made the teachings the teacher.

I bow my head in veneration.

And there in front of me was the guru granth sahib ,and guru di bani being recited in elocution.

to be continued…


One comment

  1. jyoti · January 22, 2010

    fantastic work

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