A carpet below of velvet green
redolent garden in between
the sun the clouds in magical attire
mountains standing even higher
a place full of majestic trees
facing mighty zephyr breeze
rhyming with the nightingale
the song of love,the lofty dale
symphony of the fluttering wings
a kingdom of the king of kings

i do not know,what place is this
a timeless delusion,a state of bliss
abstruse !!! an ecstasy’s kiss
inconceivable but true,like dreams
like you !!!!!

i stand alone and bare feet
spell bounded by a plaintive bleat
underneath the eyes of earth
telling me my lifeless worth
stranger than the strange to hear
any thing but that to appear
i am but i am sure
nothing much was ever pure
its touch,i know ,i belive,i do
made my emotions to constantly grew
and i could see it,very clear
you are there,you are near

my passion,my ardor,my flair,my zeal
my senses , and they make me feel
i need not open my eyes to see
to feel you somewhere close to me
and you are there ,i belive i do
god knows and it is true
for single smile your face discloses
i can secern you in thousand roses
and i will wait ,and stand composed
i will stand there to winds exposed

for every single,my heart that beat
i feel you walk and barefeet
how so ever incomplete
and wait shall make it more than sweet
and you will break,like  kiss of dawn
on this god’s beautiful lawn
still i stand in trust and hope
for you to come ,to touch me to cope

i close my eyes ,and its time i guess
you are here , my hallow bless
in front of me,not so far
is it you,ofcorse you are
you are there ,to end despair
i feel your presence in this air
come and sing me,in my ear
“i am yours and i am  here”

near near,and very near
i feel you close ,closer than here
is it ok to touch you dear
and you hold my hand ,and in my ear
sang that song,i wanted to hear
with your voice of velvet dreams
and  flashes of the brightest gleams
you tell me its already sunrise
its time,,,now open your eyes

and as i did what you told me to
every thing just got so blue
as it as seems,as one assumes
everything burns to fade in fumes
and i woke up from slumber again
it fell apart like skies and rain
no where you were
and no where you were to be seen
the dreams,the truth and in between
but i know i do,may be unclear as mist
but in some part of world you do exist.



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