hope and smile ….

by Gurpreet


World begins every day
just to tell you
just to say

you are the only one
with that smile
he wants to talk
and talk awhile

nothing better he
had ever seen
and nothing else he
would ever mean

when he would say
you are something to cry for
to spend a life for
something to die for

his eyes are wet
they shine in sun
they open for you
and they close for none

all these stars
they shine for you
nothing else in heavens
is as much as true

all your thoughts
and all there colors
he knows them ginger
more than others

he breaths you girl
you are his  air
you are in sweet dreams
and in morning prayers

there are no reasons
to let him down
and no reasons
to show the frown

what else
he wants from you
to be good
and to be true
his world is just
and just about you
he can not think
he can not live without you

his friends know him
he will sell his bike
to be there
where he likes
its not easy to be him
lights are out
and chances dim

but he will make an
another way
and he will smile
some lucky day

believe me girl
and you will see
he will fly
for you destiny

you are the one
for,the mornings smile
dawn is breaking
come out awhile

he would stand
all night long
and keep rehearsing
that dylan’s song

outside your door
near that wall
you are the only hope
sugar smile
he owns at all