by Gurpreet


Something’s inside me
that wants me to cry
my eyes would bleed
if i gave it a try
a word or a two
or just a little smile
it could have worked
even a goodbye

I could see you smiling in dreams
waving at me,crying it seems
but even if i was worth of a tear
tears would have been far more than clear
i would have not shown even a frown
before i was more willing to drown
drown in sorrows and those two deep eyes

The hands of ticking clocks
silent wet rocks
on the pavement of my dreams
classic songs and there themes
i found a world of my own
full of reds and the greens
orange days and summer scenes
here is a world far away
but hollow without you
i miss you every single day

your eyes met mine
sky’s been never so blue
since the last time when i saw you
air’s denser,
and i can breath little less
it hurts
when i have to make a guess
how long can i take it more
how long it would be
the next time when i will be able to see
see you again
till then what can i do
i can write
and then
write again for you🙂