enfield ….

by Gurpreet


The breeze
along with dreams
pass through
the passerbys
and memories
left behind
and heart beats
on enfield

what i am
or i will be
is what i do
and what i see
my life becoming
on old streets
and how i mould
my story
my life
it belongs to me

street signs
and all lies
summer nights
and brown eyes
and dropping tear
and running bear
in blood
it humms the song
whole night long

leaving behind
a life every time
things i have known
the smiles i have shown
to people
who told me
if something
can hold me
but road never ends
on my enfield
i ride

summer days
and on my own
driving life
all alone
as i cruise
on silent roads
and bitter dreams
with engine roars
i left them far behind
and heart beats
on enfield