raise up your hand
if you cant understand
listen to me people
sons of this land
its all about a mother
so take up a stand
for time is so ripe
its out of our command
a lady too old
she’s mute to demand

all the children of hope
are hopeless today
its end to the rope
we are hanging astray
open your eyes
for there’s no other way
look down under
its a hell underway
god is still sleeping
and heaven’s away
better start climbing
than be the devils prey

streets are flooded
with loot and the crime
hunger is the second
death be the prime
weapons of destruction
dope and the dime
percussion of hatred
sums up the rhyme
clap all my people
for the democracy chime

wounds are now open
it still cant be bad
sell out my country
i need not be sad
dream not the day
that can not be had
poor will be poor
and rich will be glad
raise your voices
get stoned , to be mad

or change all the ways
and break up the walls
break all the rules
meet all the falls
break all the shackles
come out of the palls
for losers will win
just answer the calls
let our mother be queen
of the golden halls


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