by Gurpreet


(image by Mark Cappittella)

i dream about a dream
of dreaming a dream
in which
she would be dreaming
of dreaming me
in her dreams

its a fact
that when ever i try to think
of not thinking
that i want to think about it
i end up thinking
about the same thing
that i don’t want to think
as if i am MAD

i know that i know
that its important to know
that she knows
what i want to know
about her
and she will not let me know
the things that shes knows
what i want to know

i want her
to want me
to want her
but she does not want me
to want her
to want me

i love to
love her love
for love of life
in which she would love
to live a life
to love her love

i remember
how she remembered me
remembring her remember
the beautifull things
in her remembrance

i write about writing
about the things
that i can not write

ahhh,it will never make sense