by Gurpreet

Few days ago i met this guy,he lost his screws,i don’t think i know why,but this is what he said to me.

They say its red
and its in you and me
and they call it heart
what i can not see
i want that thing
and want to feel
where is it
and is it real

If you want to
you can be
you can find
a friend in me
come with me
if you care
i have many things
to share

Hey,  that guy
at the window pane
is he real
or just my brain
he stares at me
and all my things
they say that its just a crow
but why
this crow just don’t have wings

Well this is real
and not my dreams
as it seems
but i just had it
is it true
a glass of water
or a deja vu

What is it ?
in water below
i saw that face
few days ago
i hate it because
it hates me
it calls me MAD
and irritates me🙂