Flow of waters
the glare of fire
the song of winds
the heartiest desire
ceaselessly change
like the moon
the flare of sun
the fortune

power of peace
a worth less loon
realm of detest
merely poon
when  moves
the roulette wheel
of  fortune

riches make
the poor hoon
and poor gazumped
every noon
watching listening
from a  dune
smiles standing

faith weeps
when overcast
shed tears
for dreaded past
surrender to the
mighty goon
the father
the fortune

fortune thinks
fortune writes
fortune tells
the fortune skites
fortune controls
periled lives
stand !



  1. jasmine · May 31, 2009

    its always a pleasure reading again did an awsome job..reading this made me feel the presence of one supreme being who controls everythng….cheers

  2. Anup Chauhan · May 27, 2010

    Again mast likha hai yaar 🙂
    Keep it up
    From where do u get the inspiration to write :)?

    • Gurpreet · May 28, 2010

      thanks anup … no inspiration ,just vehle kamm

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