I wish i had a better tomorrow


My clock has gone deliriously mad
it stops then moves back and looks sad
no sun shines over head
it is still hanging,but is completely dead

World is not,what it used to be
tempestuous itself seems to thee
hear the guns sing lullaby
riving serenity,lulling felicity

The friends i had died long ago
left are ghosts to haunt or so
snitchers then stole my pride
i lived like this for few days
and i died

Fire every where,fire all i see
and flares in the ocean,far beyond the sea
smoke in the sky,in fire they all burn
the lucent moon,the beautiful stars
perish to a fern
slowly and slowly
turn by turn

People squalling by tower and spire
while streets blaze in angony and  fire
the helmsmen steers the life away
from burning shore and broken pier

i feel as if,i am tied and bound
in between the sky and ground
and theres no one to hear me call
i myself can not rise to it
neither do i want to fall

What is it that can not be seen
that left us all a libertine
a world of vicious malefic  mean
a world of dullard  feeble wean

Fire should now talk to me
it should itself walk to me
breath on me the warmest gust
removing all the frigid dust

The world that i have ever seen
was the best that i could ever dream
i know it can be changed for  better
what ever kind of it may seem

Fed up of the crying faces
bloodshed and the weeping places
drowning in my own sorrow
i wish i had a better tomorrow



  1. amit · April 5, 2009

    nice work done…….carry on dude….
    school times ki literature reader yaad agayi

  2. Rupak · April 14, 2009

    Hey man,
    nice work. you’ve just revealed the poet in you. keep going. the first para was just great. the randomness in the poem makes it interesting.

  3. divyadeep · April 25, 2009

    butifuly writtn…gr8…

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