Dont let me sphacelate

by Gurpreet

Ubiquitous if you are

how do i perceive

where you are

here or there

now or when

in day or sidereal

in eventide or Nox

like a Bos or an ox

who you are,,what you are

comprehend you in  soil

prezzie in a carnal

or prezzie in a flower

peace in noesis

or noesis in a war

deem to be graven

as ripest of them all

apprehend like a mortal

or apprehend like a star

agone fourth dimension

concordant anticipation

nonpareil  paseos

many were attested

many in creation

yes those radicals

whom diffused dreadness

obliterating impeccant

obliterating souls

free from the reverence

and you awe there exemption

you knew whole provenance

you know all remnant

when plosion was an instance

it was you who was present

Adam had navel

or navel had cuzco

you knew every thing

you are the eminent

i am your child

and so are they

i beg like a servant

they  live like  gainsay

they abjured your hegemony

disavowed you lay

my values pulverized

my mother mortified

my souls shivering

like my wounded pride

my cradles broken

take heed as i say

pay for my cradle

yes you have to pay

just walk by a graveyard

name be anonymous

try to read the day

necrosis of my beingness

i a monotheistic

i feel like a human

and i feel little less

dear omnipotent

don’t let sphacelate

into gloom


you write everything

ricochet from a grave

i am your son,,i am so brave

don’t put me in a queer

don’t leave me on this pave

doom be my terror

bring terror to my doom

i beg in veneration

i await for u


don’t let me sphacelate….