Go away you “Nevermore”


Worn and weary by the day
as I remember 11th may
held up by the fluttering rap
I heard a familiar tap
while I dreaded in my haven
did I expect a dark raven
casting shadows on the floor
there’s someone at my door

Who? said I in the gray
quivering sound overlay
but making move thereby
and trust me there was no reply
so much that I did deplore
but I expected no Lenore
and I afraid of Nevermore
anxiously waiting at my door

Tis was years and years ago
once I read Edgar poe
while there was I without a clue
the darkness of the night grew
the tapping did not seem to cease
I shook woke my caprice
I flung opened my wooden door


Thousand shadows behind

In between the forgotten chords
a new day begins
and it starts all over again
where I left it in tears
I start with a smile

A million smiles away you seem
yet I swam across
and I have come a distance
only when i feel pain
its not good enough

Some thousand shadows behind
in between the road
I stand alone
watching you go

I am so good at being alone
I know it, well
now that you are gone
seasons have passed
and comes the fall
here i begin ….

The painting

(Painting by : Chris Chalk , http://www.chrischalkart.com)

And winds those blew past flowers
i sit empty handed for hours
and false notions not break
those winds kiss my finger nails
from the corners of an aisle
i embellish a smile
and ink weeps on the color
the skies on the open canvas
i paint on and on and on ….

I wonder neath the sky
what a wonderful lie
and i dream till it’s a dream
and illusions i breath
i exhale on the canvas
while clouds conspire to cry
i forge down the eyes
and some hopes forgone
and then i paint
i paint on and on and on …..


kis rang de likhaa jazbaat main

kinj likhaan aukaat main

Eh saaye khaure kisdey ne

Ajj din likhaan ke raat main

Laatt ik baldi  hai jigar andar

Aatish mere jazbaat ..

Aatish meri aukaat v hai

Eh saaye v sab mere ne

Ajj din v hai te raat v hai

Hai Aatish mere khhoon andar

Eho Aatish ajj meri zaat v hai..

Milne da chaa saanu !!!!


Milne da chaa saanu
unj marji te teri yara
saanu teri yaad da saroor
bahevin bolna te nahi
chete rakh layi zaroor, mainu
jeen da sabab mill jaave
tera ki tuttda garoor ,tainu….

Paun da khiyaal chadd
tere khiyaalan naal laayian
je tu vasdi en door
bhavein disnaa te nahi
chete rakh layi zaroor, mainu
jeen da sabab mill jaave
tera ki tuttda garoor , tainu….

Akhian ch rakh kadey
gillian na hon dawaan
koi kita je kasoor
bhavein milna te nahi
chete rakh layi zaroor, mainu
jeen da sabab mill jaave
tera ki tuttda garoor ,tainu….

hauli hauli …

Oston begane inj taan nayi saan
kar hi gayi par,hauli hauli

Unj ta usne marna nayi c
unj mar gayi par, hauli hauli

Kuj din tak ta hassea bathera
akh var gayi par,hauli hauli

Chot laggi te koi ni jarda
jind jar gayi par,hauli hauli

Peen di aadat kad si meri,
Ghar kar gayi par,hauli hauli


Kaisi yeh raat andheri

Aur kaisa savera

Kaisa yeh raasta hai

Kaisa yeh shehar tera

Khawahishein  padin bihkri

Aur ghut raha hai dam mera

Na jaane kaun khuda hai

Na jaane kaun lutera

Na jaane kis ki khalish hai

Dil mein kis kis kaa basera

Na jaane kaunsi khushi teri

Kaun sa hai gam mera

Charon taraf chaa raha hai

Khalish ka andhera

Aaj fir baras raha hai

Mera yeh gam ghanera

Gunaah tera ajab hai to

Kaunsa hai kam mera


As i catch shooting stars

As i catch shooting stars
i look up and say
may your wishes bring you smile
day after day

I wish you a lifetime
of laughs and joys unseen
may you get what you want
and a life of beauty Queen

i hope you never forget me
and i will always pray
that you stay like you are
where ever you like to stay

There be magic in your touch
and rights in your wrongs
your god in your heart
and love in your songs

May your world always be shining
and light imbibe your pain
may your tears be like pearls
and that they bring down the rain


Cold nights are long i heard
stop quivering oh little bird
have faith in fading stars
dew drops and blooming flowers

The pain ,the silence and the fears
wipe them all ,and sobbing tears
your dreams are in your jaded eyes
and destination in open skies

Someone somewhere has to loose
what counts is what you choose
what you choose might not be right
but go on and start the fight

Stinging bite of a simmering life
bitter blood of red and strife
are you ready for the ride
for what lies the other side

Times change and you will see
when mornings hail a bracing glee
then face the sun for awhile
when the dawn breaks

In loving memory of my dearest FAUJI MAMA .RIP